Alamo is a trusted car rental brand in markets across the globe, but their aesthetic was starting to feel stale and in need of a reinvention. We brought their new brand guidelines to life, moving from “The Whimsicals” cartoon to a lighthearted, lifestyle appeal. The new look and feel made a seamless transition in taking over their online presence, and bringing a newfound sense of excitement to consumers.

Let The Journey Begin

Alamo’s goal is to be a one-stop destination for those looking to plan their vacation getaway. So we created a host of destination pages for each of their locations that gives a road-trip guide through the best spots to explore. Our playful graphics tie the pages together to create a cohesive, colorful user experience in planning your journey.

Simplicity At Its Best

Our static banners showcase the hottest spots from each destination with vibrant lifestyle photography.

An Adventure In Every Destination

For consumers looking to travel from America to Latin America and vice versa, we created a variety of lively dynamic banners that gives consumers a taste of the many adventures that await.

The Alamo China Destination Guide

For Alamo’s debut display and SEM marketing efforts for Chinese consumers looking to travel to the USA, we created the Alamo China Destination Guide. This informative site gives Chinese consumers the best tips on planning their road trip through the USA, providing road guides through the most popular tourist attractions and natural wonders of each city.

Behind The Wheel, Ahead Of The Journey

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a video might be worth even more. To entice Chinese consumers to book their road trip to the USA, we created a cheerful video that balanced fun-filled driving scenes with the beauty of a variety of destinations across the nation. Our video gives consumers the courage to follow through with their wanderlust, emphasizing that there’s no adventure that compares to when you’re in control behind the wheel.