In a sea of competition, NCL wanted to make sure its newest ship, The Escape, had the type of fanfare it deserved. They wanted to create a web experience that highlighted all of the aspects that make it special. The one catch – it wasn’t built yet.

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On The Web. Before The Sea.

Using photo-realistic renderings of the ship and its amenities, we created a fully immersive and responsive microsite that put the user as the captain. It seamlessly wove together photos, videos, and stories of The Escape, even before it existed.

Content and Experience

The custom CMS we created allowed the NCL team to easily update content as features became available during the ship’s construction. The social integration also allowed for sharing these updates with their audience’s friends.

Technology-Centered Storytelling

The guests are greeted with full screen HTML 5 videos as soon as they arrive. The key to creating great immersion was making the site load incredibly fast. Our images and videos not only look beautiful, they also perform perfectly. Across all devices.


The NCL Escape Microsite didn’t just sell out the initial launch dates months ahead of schedule, it took home a variety of awards for both design and technology, including the Magellan Awards and ADDY Awards.