South African Airways is the leading carrier in Africa, as well as the most awarded. However, they were facing a major problem – a decline in North American interest to go to South Africa. This leading carrier needed to shift attention back to South Africa and entice American travelers to come experience all the beauty the country has to offer.

Go See South Africa

People travel to South Africa for many different reasons. We just needed to bring those reasons to life and target them to the right visitor. The hub of it all is the site It provides truly relevant reasons to go see South Africa and drives them to not just learn more, but actually book the trip.

Mobile-First Design

Knowing their typical passenger skewed more heavily to mobile usage, we approached the design from the mobile experience out. This ensured that all of the storytelling was concise and convincing and allowed the visitor to easily navigate the site.

Visit South Africa

From its terrain, to its wildlife, to its coastline, South Africa is stunning. We designed a display creative that captured the essence of South Africa with minimally powerful copy paired with vibrant, breathtaking imagery.

Keeping The Number 1 Spot

Maintaining the coveted title of leading carrier in Africa means unrelenting consistency in outreach. Our responsive email template is a constant reminder of South African Airways’ low fares, superb promotions, and downright incredible natural wonders.